Issue 3: Binyag

In Filipino Catholic culture, baptisms hold a myriad of meaning. They are simultaneously moments of celebration and contemplation, a gathering of new and old life, a chance to reconnect with loved ones, and an excuse for the titas to show off their newest LV bags. The welcoming of an infant to the family’s faith comes from a place of love and protection, but it’s also a reminder of our country’s colonized past. As we turn another page and celebrate Marías at Sampaguitas on her third birthday, as well as the birth of Sampaguita Press, we asked our community to create work surrounding rebirth, new life, and cleansing. This BINYAG issue is our hands dipped into still waters and the ripples and waves we make with each line break and metaphor.

Some of the works in this publication exhibit explicit language and imagery that include sexual violence, blood/gore, and emotional and physical trauma. We kindly ask that you read with care and caution for your mental well-being.